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There is an equestrian center in the north of Norway where horses can heal people. With the intuitive gaze of the camera, viewers experience an intimate understanding of the relationship between the humans and the animals. The film unfolds as an experiment that mirrors the philosophy of place: a commitment to being in the present moment and being able to communicate with the horses. Like the characters in the film, the audience gets drawn into a sensory experience of a place and its people. 

"I visited the Bjørkengen equine therapy center in 2011. The mood was cinematic. Time went slow. It was late summer. Different people were outside of the stable. They were coming and going, drinking coffee, standing still and doing nothing, not knowing what to do. I didn't understand the place and its different movements. I looked at a tall and young man. His eyes were evasive. His body extremely present. He was sneaking away silently carrying two water filled buckets. He controlled the movements of his body gracefully, like a dancer. 

- Camilla Figenschou

You can find more info ( in Norwegian ) about the film through the links below. 

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